Nail Surgery

Minimally Invasive Nail Surgery

Minimally Invasive Nail Surgery for In-Growing toe nails.


What is an in-growing toe nail?

An in-growing toe nail develops when the sides of the toe nail grow into the surrounding skin.  As the nail grows it pierces the skin which becomes red, swollen and tender.  Left untreated in-growing toe nails can become an extremely painful condition causing soft tissue damage, severe pain and infection. The most common site for in-growing toe nails is the big toe.  The impingement of the skin at the margins of the nail can be the result of poorly cut nails, misshapen nails or ill fitting shoes.  The medical name for in-growing toe nails is onychocryptosis.


Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive nail surgery at Runnymede Foot Clinic is a simple solution to this problem using the latest nail surgery techniques. The nail is preserved and only the section of in-growing nail is removed. The result is a resolution of pain, reduced risk of infection and excellent cosmetic result.


How does minimally invasive nail surgery help?

In-growing toe nails can be resolved by a minimally invasive surgical procedure taking approximately 45 minutes. Prior to nail surgery a local anaesthetic is given, followed by the removal of the offending section of in-growing nail .  No tissue incisions or stitches are required for this procedure which is carried out by our fully qualified and experienced HCPC registered Podiatrists.  Runnymede Foot Clinic uses the latest techniques in minimally invasive surgical procedure ensuring an effective long term resolution of any discomfort, pain or infection.


Minimally Invasive Nail Surgery Procedure

Minimally invasive nail surgery is performed using local anaesthetic similar to the dentist.   The affected toe is completely anaesthetised prior to surgery to ensure a pain free surgical experience. Nail surgery will commence once sensation is completely lost in the affected toe.  The latest minimally invasive procedure is used to remove the section of in-growing toe nail without the need for stitches.  This ensures an improved healing time and minimal post operative discomfort.  The procedure will take approximately 45 minutes and the patient will leave Runnymede Foot Clinic with a large toe dressing and the requirement to relax with feet elevated for the rest of the day.  The patient will be required to attend a follow up appointment in one or two days to allow the toe to be checked and for a less bulky dressing to be applied.


Will the nail grow back?

It is important to prevent nail re-growth following surgery.  During the nail surgery procedure the effected nail bed is treated with a chemical formulated to prevent nail re-growth. This chemical prevents the nail growth cells from functioning in the precise problem area, therefore preventing in-growing nail re-growth.


Dressings and Healing Time

Healing time from minimally invasive nail surgery is usually between 4 to 6 weeks.  We do advise during this time wearing wider, comfortable fitting shoes and not participating in high impact sports,  Dressings are provided by Runnymede Foot Clinic and we endeavour to ensure a complete patient centred experience.


Booking a Minimally Invasive pre surgical consultation

Please phone Runnymede Foot Clinic on 01784 436790 for a convenient consultation appointment. We will fully explain how minimally invasive nail surgery can offer a long term solution to your painful in-growing toe nails quickly and easily with minimal discomfort.